Client Profile Part 2- The Story of Princess R


I'm often asked to talk about the experiences I have when performing my occupation, as a provider of fetish sessions I have an unusual privilege: to get to know the most intimate fantasies of people. Things that most of them don't even dare to tell their partners, their doctors, let alone their friends and family.

In the first segment, I wrote a detailed profile of a client that I'll name R for privacy purposes, who in the last 5 years confided in me all his dirty little secrets. A wealthy and successful businessman who loves to roleplay as a husband who's made to become a little girl for his wife, a full transformation from a man to a sissy gay princess, forced to watch the hotwife cuckolding him and to perform lewd homosexual acts on the wife's well-hung boyfriend.

Welcome to Princess R's realm! I'll analyze all aspects of this fantasy below.

Defying Gender Roles

Gender roles are how we are expected to conduct ourselves in every department based on our assigned sex at birth. Considering the foundation of our society comes from patriarchy, which means that the head of state, religion, and family are usually men, still, today with all the cultural transformations from the last century, masculine and feminine distinct roles are strongly imbued in society, you know the whole "boys wear blue, girls wear pink" or "boys like math, girls like to dance" and so on.

What happens when a man wants to break free from these stereotypes and fantasize about something completely different? As I always say, as long as we are consenting adults, there's no harm in fantasies. But still, the mere thought of defying gender roles can be a big taboo, even a source of shame and embarrassment.

Princess R is mainly a fantasy about sissification, of transforming a devoted husband and respected businessman into a little girl, a complete gay Princess, in every way you can imagine. In other words, we are not only defying gender roles, we are flushing them down the toilet and creating something completely new.

To understand the making of Princess R, we have to talk about Ms. G, the wife.

Ms. G is a tall strong blonde woman. Taller and stronger than Princess R, her own physical appearance is already an adulteration of one of the most common biological traits in human beings: males are usually bigger and stronger than females. But not here, in this roleplay all the women are taller and stronger than Princess R, who's short and later forced to become fat, creating a more curvy feminine body with sissy titties and a big booty.

When other men - denominated as "alpha males" or "bulls" - appear later in the story, they are also taller and stronger than Princess R, consolidating her role as a sissy little girl, almost as creating a third gender.

Ms. G loves her sissy pansy of a husband more than anything, however, she's not happy with her marriage because of one simple problem: sex. Princess R has a very small penis, also has premature ejaculation, lack of sexual prowess, and ultimately her effeminate way in bed, such as her weird moans and cries are a turn-off to Ms. G.

Once again we use the lack of masculine traces and the presence of feminine ones as a form of pinpointing Princess R not as a male specimen, but as something smaller, delicate, however not really a woman. All the women who appear in the story are dominant and powerful, which is something that Princess R isn't. She's a sissy, a different category and for that, she's constantly shamed and berated.

Although Ms. G loves her sissy husband, she's tired of not being satisfied sexually so she seeks help, and a more seasoned mistress steps in to teach the blonde wife how to make her husband become a real little girl gay princess.

To fully transform Princess R into a little girl, the first step is dressing her up accordingly. Extensive descriptions of Ms. G's hands going all over Princess R's body, forcing her to stay still and accept pink cute panties and bra, then a girly outfit, finishing with makeup and a wig, with full dialogues on how effeminate she is, how small her penis - aka "sissy clitty" - is and how girly her balls are. The balls are often squeezed and played in a rough way to make her sound like a little girl.

Lots of tease and denial are also put in place, where Princess R is forced to watch her gorgeous wife in skimpy clothes, jerking her off and stopping just to let her know that sex is out of the table because she's a little girl and not a real man who can make her satisfied.

R's lack of sexual experience in his real life is probably what triggers this part of the fantasy. How can you know if you can make a woman cum if you never had sex? How can you expect your penis to be enough if all the porn actors have huge cocks?

Even if rationally we know that a 3 inches long dick is enough to reach all the sweet spots and that 4 inches are the average size of cocks, nothing of this matters. Fetishes have nothing to do with rationality but with feelings. As an old Brazilian poet says "horniness has reasons that even the one who's horny can't understand".

In my experience, you have two options: you can either struggle with your fantasies or you can accept them. Hint: the second option is way more fun! ;)

R decided to accept his fantasies, not knowing how his performance in bed could be because he is a virgin, he let his mind wander into the idea of not being enough and frustrating his wife to the point that she thinks he is not a man. That's how Princess R is born, a product of the fear of failing.

As I explained in my article about Humiliation Fetish, this is a cathartic release, when we allow ourselves to live our most horrible fears in a safe space, provoking all kinds of strong emotions but remaining in control. It works as a cleanse, so we can later focus on what's important and tangible, leaving our worries behind in that little safe box locked in a distant part of our minds.

You can say I'm a helpless romantic because what I love the most about Princess R stories is the loyalty between the sissy husband and hot wife, it's a love story after all in which the woman goes to great length to change what isn't working in her marriage without abandoning her beloved little girl of a husband.

In the next article, I'll talk about how Ms. G found help to transform her pansy husband into a little girl and gay princess.

Stay Tuned!

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