Curious to know what a sexy girl thinks of your cock?

Let me ANALyze it for you! This is how it works:

  • You'll send me pictures and/or videos of your dick (balls and full body are encouraged as well)
  • Chose the Media: Text or Video
  • I'll rate it in 5 different categories, giving you a 0-10 rate in the end.

My cock rates are customized and extremely detailed. I'll scrutinize every aspect and tell you my honest opinion on the effect your cock had on me!

I also rate cumshots, ass, pussies, and other body parts.


Written Essay

I'm a writer so this is not your regular cock rate!

You get a minimum of 7 paragraphs where I'll analyze in detail every aspect of your cock in 5 different categories and tell you which sexual position would be perfect for us.


Cock Rate Video

A custom video of around 5 minutes, where I'll tease you and tell you what I think about your cock.

The five categories are detailed explained using more than words, but also body language.

I usually finish the video naked ;)


Best Rate of Your Life

I'll ANALyze your cock throughout and thoughtfully in 5 different categories.

I'll show your pictures on the video, tease and masturbate to your cock until I squirt.

The length of the video is as long as I need to cum for you (at least 10min).




A 5 minute humiliation custom video focused on your cock. I'll degrade and laugh, letting you know exactly how useless your dick is.

Be careful, you may cry!



You'll receive a 5 minute custom video of total praise and worship to your cock! 

I'll only say good things and show you effusively how much I want your cock inside of me.


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I like to think of myself as a cock connoisseur. Doing live cam sessions, I see many dicks every day and love the variety of sizes, shapes and color they come and how each man has their own unique way to touch it for me. So when I started doing cam shows you can imagine how happy I was to find out one of the most popular requests is for cock rates!...

This is a very dear subject to me because I truly believe to be the owner of the world's most sensitive nipples in the world! Haha
Gotta confess, I never imagined other people would be interested in watching me play with my nipples; for a long time, it was something I did on my own.