Curious to know what a sexy girl thinks of your cock?

Let me ANALyze it for you! This is how it works:

  • You'll send me pictures and/or videos of your dick (balls and full body are encouraged as well)
  • Chose the Media: Text or Video
  • I'll rate it in 5 different categories, giving you a 0-10 rate in the end.

My cock rates are customized and extremely detailed. I'll scrutinize every aspect and tell you my honest opinion on the effect your cock had on me!

I also rate cumshots, ass, pussies, and other body parts.


Written Essay

I'm a writer so this is not your regular cock rate!

You get a minimum of 7 paragraphs where I'll analyze in detail every aspect of your cock in 5 different categories and tell you which sexual position would be perfect for us.


Cock Rate Video

A custom video of around 5 minutes, where I'll tease you and tell you what I think about your cock.

The five categories are detailed explained using more than words, but also body language.

I usually finish the video naked ;)


Best Rate of Your Life

I'll ANALyze your cock throughout and thoughtfully in 5 different categories.

I'll show your pictures on the video, tease and masturbate to your cock until I squirt.

The length of the video is as long as I need to cum for you (at least 10min).




A 5 minute humiliation custom video focused on your cock. I'll degrade and laugh, letting you know exactly how useless your dick is.

Be careful, you may cry!



You'll receive a 5 minute custom video of total praise and worship to your cock! 

I'll only say good things and show you effusively how much I want your cock inside of me.


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One of my 2022 resolutions was to organize all my videos and upload them accross the clips sites that I use the most. I finally began doing it by the end of the year, better late than never, right? hehe

Often, the first question I receive from a potential client is: "Where are you from?" and, although I personally don't have a problem disclosing my location, there are many models who'd rather keep their whereabouts a secret out of respect for their privacy

JOI is the acronym for Jerk Off Instruction: a guided form of masturbation when you can relax and let someone else tell you what to do with your hands while you surrender to self-pleasure. Although I love cocks, JOI is open to all kinds of genders and genitals - including pussy, ass and prostate!

One of the reasons I love sissification is how it celebrates femininity, let me explain: as Simone de Beauvoir says in her book The Second Sex, "one is not born, but rather becomes, a woman". As gender is a social construct, the ideas we have of femininity and masculinity were imprinted on us by the environment we are raised in,...