Client Profile Part 3 - Sissification, get in contact with your inner femininity


One of the reasons I love sissification is how it celebrates femininity, let me explain: as Simone de Beauvoir says in her book The Second Sex, "one is not born, but rather becomes, a woman". As gender is a social construct, the ideas we have of femininity and masculinity were imprinted on us by the environment we are raised in, it goes beyond the biological part.

I've met Mistresses that refuse to indulge in sissification as they see it as sexism because feminization is used as a way of humiliation and mockery. Personally, I feel it in a completely opposite way: when a man plays a feminine role it's a way for them to pay homage to women and get in contact with their own feelings. And this is very obvious when we analyze the other female characters in Princess R's universe.

The Powerful Mistress

Mistress is the feminine of Master, but it's also the synonym of a woman having extramarital affairs. In Princess R's roleplay, there are several Powerful Mistresses in action, besides the wife, Ms. G, we also get to know a bunch of hot tall strong women who specialize in teaching hotwives in making their husbands submissive sissies.

In almost all versions we've written, a stranger out-of-town woman inserts herself into the couple's life and seduces Ms. G, showing her the wonders of making her husband become a sissy princess, of having an affair with a real alpha male that can satisfy her in bed, forcing Princess R to accept the new man of the house sexually as well, and ultimately getting pregnant with the other man's babies. More often than not this seduction is made through lesbian sex, also giving Ms. G the sexual pleasure she longs for.

The well-hung boyfriends rarely have lines and they are interchangeable, their personalities are not important, it's just their bodies and sexual prowess that matter. On the other hand, the Mistresses, each one of them has a name, a backstory, and even pictures. And they teach Princess R how to act like a little girl, an apprentice of womanhood.

To teach Princess R to be the most adorable little girl and sissy gay princess, the first classes are private and done at their home. Ms. G decorates one of the rooms in pink, covering the walls with posters of naked men showing their huge cocks, and installs a crib for Princess R to sleep, since she's so short (R is around 5'7").

No longer sleeping in the Master Bedroom with the hotwife, it's time to transform her appearance. Ms. G uses her own hands, with the help of the other Mistresses, to completely sissify her pansy husband: frilly pink panties are placed on Princess R's ankles and pulled slowly, every second described in detail, making her experience the shift thoroughly, both in her body and mind.

There's always a lot of teasing and denial during the dressing up phase, her girly parts (sissy clitty and pansy balls) mocked and manipulated by their bare hands. They take turns between steamy handjobs and painful ballbusting, inciting all sorts of feelings on the sissy princess. After dressing her up completely with panties, bra and girly outfit, makeup and wig, it's time for Princess R to learn how to behave like a little girl.

Her tiny cockette is named Missy Clitty and has a ribbon placed on top of it. Princess R is made to do curtsies, dance and twirl on her ballerina dress. Once I even made R dress up in real life with girly lingerie and send me pictures doing a curtsy, looking like the little girl that I want him to be! For someone who's used to doing webcam sessions, it may not sound as deep, but all these roleplays are made exclusively in writing and R is extremely cautious about his privacy. I cherish these pics immensely because I know what a huge step it was.

After looking at the pics of my little girl dressed in girly lingerie, I gave Princess R a detailed "cock rate", in this specific case a "sissy clitty rating", talking about how small her cockette is, how girly her balls look like and agreeing with Ms. G because it's so small that would be impossible to make her or any other woman cum.

It's part of the fantasy that Princess R resists and struggles, until finally accepting that she's nothing but a little girl and breaking up in tears. I'm proud to confess I've made Princess R cry quite a few times.

The Sissy School

At the beginning of Princess R's journey, she's tutored at home and the whole little girl sissy thing is kept a secret, she's sent to work with lingerie under her suit and made to complete tasks along the way to further her immersiveness into being a sweet gay princess.

But this is not enough so Princess R is admitted to the Sissy School, where the visiting Mistresses work as teachers. This kind of education is very important to the story because when Ms. G finally settles with a new lover and decides to have his babies, Princess R is due to become their maid and nanny.

To learn how to be a proper little girl and sweet gay princess, allowing a bull to take over the place of the man of the house will require a deeper understanding of her role as the little girl of the house, even calling her wife's boyfriend "Sir" and "Daddy".

In the Sissy School, Princess R knows other sissies and plays with them, she also gets in contact with alpha males in the gym where she serves as a cheerleader. These real men are always portrayed as tall, muscled and well hung, in contrast with Princess R who's short - only 5 ft 7 - with a tiny dicklette and has had her erstwhile muscles turned into adipose tissue, due to a high carb, fat and sugar diet that makes her chubby and curvy.

The Sissy School also provides the little girls with all kinds of traits, such as dancing, cheerleading and homosexual aptitudes. They learn how to talk and act like the adorable little girls they are.

All the teachers are strong and powerful women specialized in making married men into their hot wive's little girls and gay princesses.

The goal of The Sissy School is to give these once-men a better and happier prospect in life. They are not bringing home what their wives want, but they are not abandoned, marriage takes a new turn and they are transformed into something else: not an alpha male, not a woman. A sissy!

A Safe Place

As a sissy, Princess R is delicate and adorable. She's loved for being effeminate, encouraged to show her emotions, and allowed to broaden her sexual horizons. No man can ever be her rival, they could be tall, have big dicks, and make her hotwife cum, still, they will never take Princess R's place.

Sissification is a safe space for all men who are forced to act in a manly way their whole lives, having to shun away feelings and traits deemed as feminine, always alert to perform and be on top. Feminization fetish is a haven without the constant male competition, it's a place of love and acceptance.

Sometimes these fetishes may sound a bit exaggerated, yet that's how we can let go of our social ties, daring to go to extremes of what was denied to us for so long.

I have tremendous respect for those who are brave enough to try. For those who allow themselves to go beyond what others expect and create their own reality. Life is too short to live someone's dreams!

This was the 3rd article in the Client Profile Series. Read the 1st one "The Man Behind the Fantasy" and the 2nd "The Story of Princess R". 

In the next article, I'll talk about cuckold and forced bi fetish in the context of Princess R's sissy fantasy.

Stay Tuned.

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