Writing is one of my passions and I decided to share some of my writings with you.

I've recently published a novel and many short stories about my muse Princess R. These stories are under the FemDom theme focused mainly on sissification and cuckolding.

I'm writing a new book right now about CEI (Cum Eating Instruction). Besides erotica, I also enjoy writing sci-fi and horror. Thanks for reading =)

You can see me on Amazon Bookstore, you can purchase all my works either as ebooks or paperback.

The Sissy Princess

A novel about the Story of a Pansy Husband Becoming a Sissy Little Girl by the Hands of his Hotwife.

A dominatrix meets her ex-boyfriend's wife and uses her skills to convince her to make the husband become a sissy little girl. Later she persuades the woman to find a boyfriend, make love to him and have his babies. She also shares the alpha male with her sissy husband, making him gay.

Follow the detailed sissy journey and find out if the hotwife's love for her pansy husband will be enough to break the dominatrix's charm.

The story is mainly focused on Female Domination, Sissification, Small Penis Humiliation (SPH), Cuckolding, Gay Encouragement, Cum Eating Instruction (CEI), feminization, crossdressing, lesbian sex, gay sex, straight sex, voyeurism, impact play, CBT (cock and ball torture), mommy domme, laughing, crying, feederism, interracial, tease and denial, impregnation, verbal humiliation and much more.

43000 words - Available for Kindle and Paperback - 18+

Short Stories

The Perfect Heartbreaker Wife and Her Adorable Sissy Little Girl Husband

In the first Sissy Princess story, all the characters are introduced to start an instigating and hot saga.

An evil dominatrix decides to destroy her ex-boyfriend's perfect life. She convinces his wife to become the most perfect heartbreaker hotwife and turn her husband into an adorable little sissy girl husband, a cuckold effeminate pansy mocked because of his small penis and made to accept his wife's new hunk boyfriend.

This story contains the following fetishes: Femdom, SPH, impact play, sissification, detailed cross-dressing, verbal humiliation, cuckolding, small penis humiliation, ballbusting, CBT, feederism, impregnation, crying, encouraged bi, gay sex, amazon, mommy domme, tease and denial, CEI - cum eating instruction.

5300 words - Ebook & Paperback - 18+

The Trip

Another hot story in the Sissy Princess Saga.

A husband goes on a trip trying to get away from his sissy urges and ends up meeting two hot mistresses that dominate him, turning him into a gay princess ready to have fun with a basketball team full of well-hung men.

This story contains the following fetishes: sissification, Femdom, feminization, detailed cross-dressing, encouraged bi, lots of gay sex, CEI, cum eating instructions, SPH, small penis humiliation, group sex, ballbusting, feederism, amazon, mommy domme.

5000 words - Available for Kindle and Paperback - 18+

The List

Another hot story in the Sissy Princess Saga. 

A hotwife just enrolled her husband in The Sissy School. 

But before being accepted, she receives the visit of a teacher who will evaluate the sissy training of her gay cuckold husband.

This story includes the following fetishes: sissification, feminization, detailed cross-dressing, verbal humiliation, ballbusting, CBT, small penis humiliation, SPH, Femdom, cuckolding, encouraged bi, homosexual sex, lesbian, gay, CEI, cum eating instructions, laughing, crying, amazon, mommy domme, tease and denial.

6400 words - Available for Kindle and Paperback - 18+

Celebrity Mistress

A fanfic type of erotica takes when Priyanka Chopra Jonas, the famous actress and Miss World, reveals she's secretly a dominatrix and teaches the hotwife many exciting lessons while they dress up the sissy husband and make her accept being a cuckold. An interesting offer will be made that will test the wife's love for her sissy husband.

This story contains the following fetishes: SPH, verbal humiliation, sissification, mommy domme, fanfic, small penis humiliation, interracial, Femdom, aftercare.

6250 words - Available for Kindle and Paperback - 18+

A Fly on the Wall

The day after the hotwife's first experience with another man raises contradictory feelings in her heart, she has an interesting dialogue with her friend remembering all the hot things they did last night and sharing her excitement and concerns about the future of her marriage with a sissy husband.

Be a fly on the wall and witness the two hot babes talking about cuckolding and sissification.

Fetishes: sissification, cuckolding, small penis humiliation (SPH).

5700 words - Available for Kindle and Paperback - 18+


When a hotwife realizes that she no longer can be monogamous, she discusses with a friend mistress how to dominate and cuckold her sissy husband.

She will use every lesson she learned from the Sissy School's teachers. But will the love towards her husband be enough to remain in the relationship or will she become the ultimate heartbreak and completely destroy the sissy's heart?

Fetishes: small penis humiliation (SPH), verbal humiliation, cuckolding, sissification, Femdom, mommy domme, impact play, watersports.

5100 words - Ebook and Paperback - 18+

The Red Sari

Ms. Gemma is a European woman married to an Indian man. She loves her husband but his small penis and lack of sexual prowess leave her unsatisfied, which prompted her to turn him into a Sissy Princess.

The hotwife found out India recognizes a third gender known as hijras or chakkas and it fascinated her after all her husband can't be considered a man either so she makes a special surprise for her sissy husband at his birthday party.

This story contains the following fetishes: sissification, feminization, FemDom, interracial, cross-dressing, small penis humiliation (SPH), tease and denial, orgasm control, Asian domination, mommy domme, and much more.

2500 words - Available for Kindle and Paperback - 18+

Eat it!

The novel of a man's quest to find the source of his curse and reverse it before his balls explode! A story that will leave you on the edge the entire time.

John was a womanizer, he had it so easy with the girls that he never made an effort to please them back. After meeting a mysterious sexy woman in a dating app and refusing to even kiss her after she had blown his dick, she mouthes an act of revenge with a short phrase: Eat it!

Now the man develops a very unusual sex problem: he simply can't cum.

John will have to find someone able to reverse the curse and teach him how to eat his own cum.

The main fetishes are CEI (cum eating instructions) and JOI (jerk-off instructions).

Coming soon!

The Haunted House

Newlyweds move to their dream house, but soon realize this is actually a nightmare!

A horror SFW story.

Coming soon!


Reading has always been one of my favorite hobbies, but at some point, I was tired to read other people's stories. I had all these crazy fantasies in my mind that seemed so much more appealing, but no one was writing what I wanted to read!

Like any work of art, writing is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Took me many years of exercising and studying to develop the skills to be able to get it off the drawing board and make it a reality.

If you ever wanted to read the perfect book written just the way you like, be my inspiration! Commission a story where the characters perform all your secret fantasies, it can be either a short tale or a novel. Contact me for a quote.

I also offer storytelling sexting sessions in which I write an erotic story for you LIVE, you can chime in to direct the story in any way you want and we will create the most incredible custom erotica totally customized to your fantasies.

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