Bisexual thoughts are hot and often roams the mind even of the most straight men! From the bicurious always looking to try something new, to guys looking to be forced to try cock for the first, there are many different ways to explore this side of your sexuality.

This week I am beginning a series of weekly posts about fetishes from A to Z. The idea is to give inspiration and elucidate keys aspects of some of the most popular kinks out there. I am fond of many of those, but if you want to discover which, you will have to get in touch with me ;).

With the COVID-19 pandemic and everyone stuck at home, I know it's a troubling time where you have a lot of time on your hands and little to no privacy because of family and roommates always around.

When you visit a site like Mr. Porn Geek you can feel that this man really knows what he is up to! His site is about porn. All kinds of porn, fetishes and different performers. If it's on the internet and it's hot, it will be on Mr Porn Geek site!

Free OnlyFans


Seems like OnlyFans is all everyone is talking about! I joined and made my page FREE for now.

Happy New Year


It's 2020 and I'm so grateful for all the amazing moments I had in 2019. Here are some of the things that made 2019 amazing.

Recently I discovered the safest sex toys are made of glass, metal or silicone. Regular plastics can create microscopic holes where bacteria may live, creating a hostile environment for your holes lol

I've been growing a little bush and I have to confess it's very sexy! I usually have a landing strip on, which is the middle between a hairy pussy and a smooth kitty.
I can't decide what to do so I created the August Challenge: you get to decide if I shave my pussy bare or if I grow an even bigger bush!...

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