Client Profile Part 4 - Introducing Cuckold, Forced Bi, CEI and Impregnation Fetishes


Wrapping up the Client Profile Articles about Princess R, the sissy little girl husband, in this article I'll analyze a few other fetishes such as cuckolding, forced bi and CEI (cum eating instruction).

You can read the whole journey of the Sissy Princess in Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 where I give a complete profile of one of my favorite clients and analyze each aspect of his fantasies.

Defying Monogamy

What's Cuckold Fetish other than defying the current state of things, where monogamy is expected by society, religion, and the government? Friedrich Engels in his book "The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State" points out that monogamy is institutionalized as a way of controlling reproduction.

We always know who's the mother of a child, but only recently we had DNA technology to know who's the father. In an era where women could not hold property, the only way for men to make sure they'd pass along their belongings to their offspring was through controlling women's sexuality, thus reproduction ability.

Once again, Princess R's universe is way ahead of our time. The story of a loyal wife who loves her sissy husband for who he is, virtues and flaws alike. A beloved husband who accepts that his hot wife's needs go beyond what he can provide and wants what is best for her. The story of a couple that dares to follow an unorthodox path together, whatever it takes.

When Ms. G recognizes her sissy pansy of a husband can't satisfy her sexually, she has a conscience crisis at first: one side of her knowing her marriage would be doomed if this part couldn't be fixed, the other side is afraid that by searching sexual satisfaction out of wedlock it could also ruin their relationship.

With the help of the other mistresses, she makes an important decision: to be true to the love of her life and to be true to herself. Ms. G finds a new boyfriend who can give her the sexual life she wants and needs, but without walking out of Princess R. On the contrary, she brings her little girl husband into it!

After all, she loves her pansy husband and the little girl deserves to have as much of a great sex life as her!

The Gay Princess

Personally, I don't believe people are either heterosexual or homosexual. Accordingly to the Kinsey Scale, sexual orientation is fluid and varies throughout our lives, one can have only straight relationships and yet fantasize about being with someone of the same sex, and vice versa.

In Princess R's stories, an once heterosexual couple ends up having different kinds of homosexual experiences. First, Ms. G and the other mistresses often engage in lesbian encounters during the first phase of seduction, where the other woman introduces the world of sissy husbands to the hotwife.

Later, Princess R herself becomes a gay princess!

In the beginning, Princess R only observes her hotwife making out and romancing the hunk alpha male. The little girl is made to watch everything: their hands touching every inch of each other's bodies, passionate tongue kisses, excited moans, and horny sighs. While the other Mistress is touching her hard sissy clitty, Princess R observes Ms. G and the well-endowed boyfriend performing oral sex on one another.

Curiosity takes over and the little girl doesn't know if she's aroused by the Mistress' touch on her minuscule cockette, by the sight of her sexy and sensuous naked wife, or by the huge cock of the bull. Her tongue sticks out of her mouth, the sweet gay princess gets cross-eyed looking at her blonde hotwife making love to the alpha male, in somewhat of a Goon state having Missy Clitty on the edge the whole time.

Princess R notices Ms. G has several orgasms with the alpha stud, something that never happened when they had sex. And then the hunk boyfriend finishes inside of the hot wife's perfect pussy, the little girl is prompted to clean the load up with her tongue, which she obliges, at first embarrassed and humiliated, but eventually taking pleasure in eating man cream. A not-so-usual use of CEI fetish makes this part extremely hot!

From being a cuckold sissy to being invited to partake in the sexual actions is a no-brainer, Princess R is included on every adventure of her beloved wife. Soon the little girl is being taught by her hotwife and the other mistresses how to make out with other men.

The women use their hands to keep Princess R's head in place. First, she kisses the hot stud, and then she's instructed how to suck cock and drink cum from the source. Next thing she's on all fours having her sissy-pussy being deflowered by a humongous cock. She struggles a bit but then accepts her final faith, of being a gay princess and cum while being sodomized by a real man.

All the while, Ms. G talks about how she could never get pregnant by her sissy pansy husband and how her dream is about to come true, now that she has found a real man with fertile sperm to fill up her womb. I love how Impregnation Fetish is introduced in this part!

The end of the story can vary a lot: sometimes they end up being a happy polyamorous family with two husbands and a wife. In another instance, Princess R cries desperately running to the streets breaking the visiting mistress' seduction, allowing Ms. G to realize how much she loves her sissy husband more than anyone else, and kicks the stud boyfriend out along with the mistress. Other times the hotwife changes boyfriends and keeps Princess R as a full-time sissy, taking over the company.

No matter what happens in the end, the journey is always a lot of fun, ultimately a love story with many naughty aspects. All in all, Princess R is the story of a rebel. Of someone who's not afraid of defying the status quo and writing their own destiny.

I can't thank Princess R enough for being my muse, not only for these articles but also for an entire novel that I wrote about her. And I can't thank R - the man behind the fantasy - enough for being such an inspiration and amazing human being, always so generous and open-minded in our roleplays.

And thank you for reading =)

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