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As an anal lover, enemas are often part of the game. For some people, it's an inconvenience, one more step before the fun. BUTT for others, the whole process of using enemas is the fun part!

I want to tell you about different ways to enjoy this fetish and why the simple act of injecting liquids into your rectum can be so pleasurable.

Before we dive into ANALyzing the love for enemas, I have to confess this fetish is one of those that I enjoy giving but not receiving.

Why? Just a matter of taste. I believe the best way to get to know your limits is allowing yourself to try everything once however respect yourself to stop it when it doesn't do it for you.

I was introduced to Klismaphilia by this cute British boy, he used to do it during his showers so it was easier to clean after. I had so much fun encouraging him to take enemas for me, he started with a small bag and then evolved to bigger ones very quickly!

I've found deep pleasure in administering enemas to my partners and the reason - believe it or not! - is much more than sexual. It's the intimacy of the act.

Anyone that ever partook in any kind of toilet game knows that one of the hardest parts is to feel comfortable enough to let your body work while you are accompanied.

It's a very common occurrence on webcam sessions for first-timers in watersports fetish to discuss how much they want to pee for me. They drink a lot of water and get desperate to do it, but when I'm there watching it simply doesn't happen!

Most people usually need 2 or 3 attempts before they are able to relax and have a golden shower.

Ok, but why am I talking about pee when this article is about something else?

Because the physiology of enemas is the same: if you are not relaxed enough, it will not work properly.
It takes a lot of trust to make it work in a way that is enjoyable for both parties, and I wouldn't recommend doing it on a first date unless you are very seasoned.

The ideal enema play occurs between people who have known each other for a while and are completely comfortable with being naked and in contact with their bodily fluids.

When a sub requests an enema, it's almost like a love confession to me.

Maybe I'm being overly romantic, but I'm always flattered when someone is comfortable enough to ask for it. 

Basically, the goal of an enema was to eliminate constipation, to administrate medicine, or for religious purposes. Due to the anus' sensitive mucosa, the body absorbs substances much faster through enemas, some of the clerical rituals included inebriating substances: yes, alcohol and drugs.

Now when we put this in perspective, it's very easy to find ways to make it naughty!

It's worth noting that enemas are a medical procedure so most people's first encounter with them is in a hospital setting. Combining it with a Medical Fetish is perfect!

Imagine having your doctor or nurse on a white coat and latex gloves, penetrating your puckered hole with a nozzle, and filling it up with a big enema bag until you beg to stop! So hot!

The most common liquid used is water. Some people enjoy milk enemas for aesthetic purposes. Sensation play can be done by warm or cold enema, or by adding stuff to the mix, such as figging (the art of using ginger up the ass to spice things up!).

Intox can easily be achieved by the use of enemas because the anus is sensitive and makes the consumption of the substance very fast and strong. I don't recommend this kind of play unless you know what you are doing and take all the precautions, it could be dangerous. Please read about RACK (risk-aware consensual kink).

Nowadays, a very popular use is coffee enemas and essential oil enemas, they are not scientifically proven to actually work, but some people swear it makes them feel better and infused with energy.

You have never done an enema and want to try?

Let me explain the different types and how to proceed...

Enema play is divided into 3 different stages: 

  • preparation and filling up the ass: stretching the ass and bowels with the liquid;
  • holding the content inside the body: may cause cramps, and can be used as punishment or as a form of control;
  • pushing it out and cleansing: feeling of relief, intimacy, scat, and purgation.

Each phase provokes specific sensations and different people get aroused by distinct parts, some people enjoy the whole journey, and others pick only one or two stages to share with their sexual partner, doing the remaining in private.

There are many ways to play this game: some people prefer a nurturing approach, such as a mommy type who holds their hands and assures them that everything will be fine while every drop of the enema liquid enters their intestines. 

Soothing as the cramps begin to set in, encouraging them to stay longer with it inside, perhaps even using a clock watch to time how long they can hold it in and congratulating them afterward.

Others get a kick out of using enemas as an excellent torture device!

One of my favorite butt sluts is a sexy guy called M. We had been playing for a while when he decided to reveal his dirty little secret - he was into enema punishment! This fact turned me on so much that our sessions now ALWAYS begin with an enema. Or two ;)

M.'s enthusiasm for enema play inspires me to always go further and research new things for our time together; he's capable of taking some very large bags and keeping them inside for a long time, such an obedient anal sub enduring cramps for his Mistress!

Whether you fantasize about becoming a professional enema lover or just want to try it out to see if you enjoy it, you don't need to commit to buying a full kit to experiment with it. You can start with the handheld shower, use a vaginal douche or even a big syringe, and see how it goes.

When buying your enema kit, I recommend using a silicon nozzle, they are not too large, go deeper, and feel smooth. Using lukewarm water makes it more comfortable and always lube up the nozzle before introducing it.

Lastly, note that I don't think enemas are inherently necessary for every anal play, as long as you have a healthy diet and have had your bowel movements for the day, light anal play (aka regular butt plugs and prostate play) doesn't require internal showers. Do it only if it feels right for you because having too many too often can mess with your natural gut bacteria.

And here's an interesting fact, the ancient Egyptians believed the god Thot invented enemas! No wonder it can feel heavenly ;)

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