3 Ways to Get to Know Your Limits


Limits are very important to be set, especially in a Dominant and submissive relationship.

Even if you are not into BDSM, a kinky or fetish focused session also benefits by setting boundaries as we can spend our time with the things that actually turn you on!

It's very common for camgirls to hear from our clients that they have "no limits". It's also an inside joke among online Dommes to come up with absurd tasks to test the so-called "no limit" people.

In my opinion, this is not something to be laughed at, this is just the result of a lack of reflection and a desire to try new things.

I totally get it - I'm the kind of person who will do (almost) anything once.

As open as you might be, believe me: there's always something you don't like - or are so neutral about that is a waste of time to pursue it.

Here comes the million-dollar question: how to be open-minded and at the same time not spoil your session?

1- Limits are not permanent

Before approaching a model, not only think about what you are in the mood for, but also the things you don't want to be included in that specific session. It will leave room for her to plan other things for you.

It doesn't need to be something set in stone, some people are switchers or go through phases.


I have a client who's an anal lover, but sometimes he is not in the mood for anal play so he let me know before we start that we won't be playing with his ass that day.

It helps so we can focus our session on other things.

2- Ask for guidance

Sometimes you will need more than a short conversation to feel at ease to explore certain fetishes with a performer and set the things you want and don't want in a show.

Still, you must remember that we are very busy people and time is money.

You will probably be ignored or blocked by most performers if you attempt to extend a conversation about your fetishes before paying, unless you are already a regular.

If you can't describe what you want in one paragraph or need more time to decide what you'd like to try, tip the model or purchase a texting session.

Texting packages are usually much cheaper than a full webcam session and it will help you and your partner to understand your goal and increase the enjoyment when you are finally playing.

There was once a guy who was very nervous about trying a certain fetish. He wanted to do it but didn't know if he would like everything and if he needed to buy something to be prepared beforehand.

First, we did a text session and we went through many possibilities to perform his kinky, he was able to understand what he liked about it and the things that would turn him off.

Then he hired me to make him a shopping list, with all the items he would need to get before our session.

After he commissioned a custom video so I could show him step by step how it's done.

Only after all these, he was confident enough to try it live with me on cam. And let me tell you that, he exceeded all the expectations. We had a blast!

Different people have different ways to go in-depth in their thoughts. Some will know what they want straight away, others will require a text or phone session to elaborate their fantasies before jumping on a video call.

Your favorite model can guide you to think about your limits, just ask.

3- Don't try to impress

Believe me, we have seen it a lot!

A nice session where we both enjoy and have fun is much more remarkable than something completely extraordinary.

Don't feel ashamed if your fantasy sounds too "weird" in your head or if you think you are too "vanilla" for that Domme.

Enjoy your time - that's all that matters :)

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