The Most Irrelevant Question I Get Asked


Often, the first question I receive from a potential client is: "Where are you from?" and, although I personally don't have a problem disclosing my location, there are many models who'd rather keep their whereabouts a secret out of respect for their privacy

Asking it right away without any kind of relationship with the model may be perceived as intrusive and not well received.

I wonder the reasons why one would ask that when there are so many more interesting things we could be discussing, such as their fantasies, the sexy outfit I have on, and arranging a session together.

I reached two theories as to why: they are either checking the language barrier or wanting to meet their favorite online model in person. And I still think both are irrelevant when it comes to having a good time!

In this article, I'd like to point out a few reasons why location should not be taken into consideration when you are looking for online fun.

1. Camgirls talk and read more in English than in any other language

English is the internet language that unites people from all over the world, besides, it's a very simple language with few variations on plural and future/past tenses, and most of the words are gender-neutral.

Models spend their whole day talking and reading in English, not only with their viewers but also with each other, on all sites, softwares, and forums.

A content creator's or camgirl's career is doomed if she can't communicate well enough in English. As long as you read their profiles and there's a palpable level of proficiency, you are in good hands.

Besides, English is perfect for dirty talking!

Believe it or not, I even refuse to do webcam sessions in the other languages I speak because it just doesn't feel the same. And I know many polyglot models think just like me.

So if you are searching for models in sites written in English and they have English written profiles and message you in English, you'll be talking English in your session. 

If you are looking for another language, look for sites in this specific language. Also, models who take sessions in different idioms will make it known in their profiles.

2. Immigration

English speaker countries such as the USA, Canada, and the UK have a large demographic of immigrants, and at the same time, they also have a huge community of expats around the world.

I have a personal experience with it, I remember my first week in Miami excited to speak English and realizing I'd have to learn Spanish if I wanted to talk to people haha

Many content creators are also digital nomads due to the flexibility of their activities.

Therefore, where a model lives don't say anything about their nationality or fluency with a certain language.

3. You are not on a dating site

Your favorite model's location is completely irrelevant because she's only there to talk to you online. These are not dating sites nor escorting directories where people are willing to see you in person.

In addition, due to the illegality of full-service sex work (aka escorting) in the USA, it's against the Terms of Service of porn sites to even talk about encountering someone face to face.

Wanna do a test? Type the word "meet" on Onlyfans. They went all the way to banning the actual word to stop members from soliciting models for in-person dates.

It's important to not let false expectations get in the way of fun. There are many reasons why one seeks an online adult site for entertainment instead of going out there for 1on1 encounters, so my advice is to enjoy the experience that connecting with different people from all over the world can give you!

Oh, and here's a bonus reason:

Accents are sexy ;) Listening to your name being moaned in a slightly different way can be very stimulating!

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