Masturbation Technique: The Pearl Necklace


The Masturbation Technique sensation of the moment is using a pearl necklace! You can tease the cock with pearls, or even pussy and ass, it's such a versatile use for this beautiful piece of jewelry.

That's one of the reasons I often wear pearl necklaces hehe What, you thought your favorite nymphomaniac was only trying to be into fashion?

Well, you know me... I love to get naughty and wouldn't miss this opportunity.

Last night I showed my VIPs how I like to tease my own body with a pearl necklace in a series of pictures and videos that I sent to them on Snapchat and on my Secret Skype.

If you missed it, let me explain how it's done:

For men, you can ask your partner to place her pearl necklace around your dick and slowly rub it up and down. Using lube is essential to let it tease you in a very smooth way.

If you are alone, you can get the necklace and do it yourself! Try to cover your cock and masturbate while feeling the little balls rattling on your skin. It feels amazing.

For women, take the necklace and rub around the clit, teasing it nice and good. Don't forget to put lube! You can also tease the asshole and even introduce a pearl inside hehe This can also be done on men who enjoy anal pleasure.

I also like using the necklace around my nipples and tits. It turns me on a lot.

I'm always amazed by how even the most trivial object can become something erotic in the hands of naughty people!

Here is the last tip for this Pearl Necklace Technique: if you roll it over a bush, you will feel it slightly pulling the hair. Such a tease for those who are into a more rougher play.

Have you ever tried The Pearl Necklace in your sex life?

Comment below with your experiences!

I'm thinking I should do a detailed instructional video sometime, showing how I tease myself with my jewelry. Coming soon!

Now go get a pearl necklace and have fun!

xoxo Vivi