VIP Friends

What's a VIP and why you want to become one?

Truth is... camgirls are very busy people. We receive hundreds of messages per day, as much as I'm a "people person" - that's the reason I chose to share my intimacy online and meet new friends in the first place - I'm only one and have a limited time/energy.

You all know the way to get a camgirl's attention is buying our services and tipping. If you want to see a naughty girl smiling keep her pussy wet! Be a "maecenas", a patron of the erotic art your favorite model provides.

Still, sometimes all you want is to talk like good friends, especially because I consider most of my viewers my friends anyway and we share so much more than just sexy moments.

That's why I create something called "VIP Friend". As I can't be 100% available all the time for everybody, if you really want to know the real Vivi behind the camera, you can subscribe to have chit chat privileges. Yes, it means I make your messages my priority and you won't need to feel like you are bothering me or that you NEED to buy a show or content every single time you send me a message. After all, we are friends.

It's an immersive experience, so you also get access to all the nude pics and little videos I take everyday doing all sorts of naughty stuff on my own.

Here is a list of things only my VIP friends get access to:

  • Chat privileges: I always reply your messages and send direct messages to you often;
  • Exclusive downloadable videos every month: I spoil my VIP friends;
  • 20+ explicit pics/videos daily (sometimes more than 100 haha);
  • Watch me masturbate when I'm horny (3x+/week);
  • Making off of my porn;
  • Public flash/play;
  • Everything in my daily life, including naughty thoughts and cute stuff;
  • Watersports: ask to receive my daily pee;
  • Your dick pics not only welcome but encouraged.

My favorites platforms are Snapchat and Skype (I have a different Skype only available for my VIPs).

You can subscribe to it for 149.99$ for a year - 99.99$ for 6 months - 29.99$ for a month.

Use your favorite cam site and send it as a tip, IndieBill or use Fancentro for the convenience of auto rebill your credit card so you don't have to worry about it.

I have limited spots for this and I'm right now taking new VIPs.

Want to become a VIP for FREE? Check my PACKAGES!

See you on the VIP side! =)