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Gooning Fetish happens when you masturbate for a long time, completely surrender yourself to the act until you reach an almost hypnotic state where your mind is blank and all you can think of is jerking off!

The term "goon" comes from the fact that, after so much stimulation, the person ends up with a funny face. Mind and body fuse with only one purpose: masturbation!

The sin of onanism. Beat the meat. Jerking off. Wanking. Spanking the Monkey. Fap. You name it ;)

One can achieve this state after a long time of playing with yourself and edging. Edging is the act of stopping when you are about to cum, cool down for a bit, and then get back to it.

I will confess that Goon Fetish is something I only met through sex work, but since I've discovered it, I fell in love with Gooning on my sessions. Watching men playing nonstop, edging on my command over and over again until they get completely silly and brainless, it's a real turn-on!

They usually come to me after many hours playing and edging by themselves., on the verge of the Goon state and looking for encouragement. Here's the thing: Gooning makes your body so sensitive, your brain so filled with pleasant endorphins, that it opens up your mind to all those sexual thoughts that arouse you but you don't usually think about them ;)

There's a problem in today's generation, as porn and sexual images became so easy to access, many people got lazy when they masturbate. The brain is trained to always take shortcuts and save energy, this is an important survival technique that allowed the human race to be alive and thriving today.

So instead of using their imagination, people just click on a video of someone else having sex. And let's be honest, on mainstream porn everyone look more or less the same and they do the same stuff over and over again. This is totally fine, but our sexuality is complex and, for some, it can suppress their own desires and fetishes.

When Gooning, your mind reaches a state that accesses your deeper thoughts. You get so horny, with such intense stimulation that they surface.

Once during a gooning webcam session, this guy - who initially only wanted Jerk off Instructions (JOI) and edging - started talking about how much he wanted to have his ass fucked.

I'm an anal specialist and he probably came to me unconsciously looking for it. It was the gooning state that allowed him to say it out loud and enjoy an amazing cock-and-ass masturbation session.

And oh boy did we have fun! :)That's something that I love to do in this odd job I have: I'm grateful for helping people to discover new sexual pleasures.

In another experience, during a sexting session with live videos, the client already knew what he wanted. He asked up front if I was ok with a certain fetish and I was. But when we started, he said he only wanted to goon with me. It was a one-hour session and I encouraged him to masturbate for me. With me.

Gooning sessions are usually mixed with jerk-off instructions, where I command how to touch your cock, what to do with it and to edge, reaching the point of almost orgasming just to stop and start it again.

My sessions are heavy on videos. I film them live as we sext, I tease and dirty talk a lot! Strip my clothes off and masturbate together, encouraging my partner to do the same.

I happen to have a certain way with words and after one hour of playing and edging repeatedly, his mind was blank. He was helpless, ready to get in touch with his secret desire: to become a bimbo!

Then he booked another hour, now open for my suggestions, more than edging, he was Gooning and masturbating to the thought of crossdressing, wearing makeup and high heels, having plastic surgeries and body enhancements, and ultimately being pimped by me, having sex with strangers.

That's the kind of hidden fantasy that doesn't come so easily to everyone. It's deep and sensual, but most of the time it's just that: a fantasy. In a world full of prejudice and sexual repression, I understand it's hard for a family man, a professional, a student - who's probably straight - a father, a husband, a boss... To admit a secret fantasy of getting big fake tits and suck cock. Or maybe your fantasy is to be dominated by a beautiful young lady like me, receive a golden shower, watch your wife having sex with someone else... Who knows? 

The possibilities are endless and Gooning can take you there. Make your body so aroused, in a euphoria condition that even your darkest fetishes surface.
Another way to explore Goon Fetish is through texting roleplay. I have many regular clients that often book me for a whole day as they masturbate and edge and explore every side of their sexuality.

Here's a little secret: I love to masturbate and edge together during these sessions, opening my own mind to dive into my client's fetish and go even further, as we scrutinize every aspect of it.
Have you ever had a goon masturbation session that brought up a new sex fantasy to your life? Comment below!

The next article in our A to Z Fetishes Series is H for Humiliation. One of the most popular forms of domination. Stay tuned!


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