Disobeying the Rules


This is what happens when a naughty secretary disobey the rules of the office...

I hear the phone ringing, I answer and it's the Boss.

- Vivian, come to my office right now.

His voice is so serious, I'm afraid to have messed up something.
I knock and enter the office.

- Excuse me, Sir. Did you call me?

- Yes, Vivian. I need to talk to you about the office rules.
He closes the door behind me and point me a chair to sit down. I listen carefully.

- It came to my attention you are not following one of our vital rules.

I try to remember everything I have done in the last couple of weeks and I can't figure it out.

- Which rule?

- You know when I hired you to be my secretary, you asked if the company had a dress code and I told you something... Do you remember?

- Yes. You said "Only one, my secretary is not allowed to wear panties"
I giggled remembering out first flirt.

- Good girl. You should know I wasn't joking. It's serious, and I can see the marks of your panties in this tight dress slack of yours.
I didn't know if he was joking or being serious, but all I could feel was those same panties he was talking about getting super wet.

- Stand up, Vivian.
I did and looked at him. He grabbed my hips and opened my pants, it slide down my legs and here I'm, wearing only panties and a shirt in front of my Boss.

He walked around me to check every angle and when he reached my big butt, he slapped.
- Nice ass. Now take it off.

- Are you serious?

- Deadly serious. But it's your choice, you can look for another job.

- No, I really like working here.

- Good. So please follow the rules so I don't have to punish you.
I slowly took the panties off. I folded in my hand, but he took it from me.

- The punishment for this behavior would be a good set of spanks in those sweetcheeks of yours. But I'm going to cut you some slack since you are new here.

I smiled, but deep down kind of wanted the spanking for being a naughty secretary. I wasn't even blushing for being there barebutt in front of my Boss.

- Give me the thong and pull your clothes back on.
I handed him the underwear. He smelled deeply, sat down on his big president chair, opened a drawer on his wood desk and throw it inside.

- I'm keeping it as a reminder of your bad behavior. You can go now.

I left knowing my panties in his drawer is moist, just like my pussy...


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