The Importance of Safe Sex Toys


Recently I discovered the safest sex toys are made of glass, metal or silicone. Regular plastics can create microscopic holes where bacteria may live, creating a hostile environment for your holes lol

Personally, I never had any problems with my toys and I credit to my diligent cleaning. My gynecologist once told me that only water and soap was enough to clean dildos, but since I use it way too much and do a lot of anal with them, I have a more thoughtful routine to clean my sex toys.

Here is how I do: After every use, I wash them with soap and water. When they are clean, I rub alcohol on them. Once a month, I soak my dildos with bleach.

Still, I'm very concerned with the health of my lady parts and I'm slowly replacing my collection. I advise you to take a look at your sex toys and replace the ones that are not body-safe.

I just update my Wishlist with all the new hot safe sex toys that dwell in my dreams! Go check it out if you want to get inspired or if you want to spoil me with something hot and safe.

xoxo Vivi