Outdoors Fun


There's a special naughty feeling when I do outdoors and public stuff, the risk of being caught/watched adds a new kind of thrill!

This week I spent a long time outside refreshing my body with a water hose and doing videos of it! Basically pretty much everyone who got shows with me during the month of January got a sneak peek of my hot outdoors fun haha

Here is a preview :)

Full video coming soon! I just loved it so much I HAVE to share right now!

Those who have been following me for a long time remember when I used to do shows on public bathrooms! It left me incredibly horny, I remember once I squirted within 3 minutes! Yeah, it was that crazy!

I often post snaps of me masturbating outside and by the swimming pool, flashing my tits while riding my car and other public naughty fun.

xoxo Vivi