New Video: Pee on Flowers Outdoor


Hello :)

It's the second day of the month and I'm posting the second video of my November Video Galore!

Coming back to my roots, this is a watersports video. It was really fun to make it, outdoors, so kinky! I go outdoors and pee on the flowers that have just blossomed! I swear the secret of having a healthy beautiful garden is watering the plants the right way haha

Don't forget to watch a free trailer in the links below.


Vivian Dash is happy that her flowers are blossoming. Wearing a booty jeans shorts and a tank top, she shows you her secret to have the healthiest flowers in the world: she pisses on them!

Squat, teases, spread ass open.

Quality: Full HD 1080p

Length: 3m16s

Where to find - they are in my order of preference, IndieBill always my favorite, and ManyVids is paying me a better commission during November than ELM, so it comes first :)




Thanks for checking out!

Kisses, Vivi xoxo