New Video: Ass Licker Humiliation


Being a dominant woman, I take a lot of pleasure with humiliation fetish - it's actually one of my biggest fetishes nowadays. 

This video was inspired by one of my favorite submissives who often worship my ass on webcam!

Check the free trailer on the links below.


Vivian Dash is wearing a small skirt and a tank top and tells you what a loser you are for being an ass licker. She humiliates you, treats you like a dog and orders you to lick her ass, as she bends over and takes her thong off.

You will love to be degraded as you look at her beautiful big butt, treated like a worthless animal as you lick, smell and taste her asshole, treated like a cuckold loser, you will end up thanking her for the opportunity to be treated like the perverted creature you are.

Quality: Full HD 1080p

Length: 5m03s





Thanks for checking out! xoxo Vivi