Best Show of the Week: Prostate Orgasm


If you have never had a prostate orgasm, you don't know how it feels to have your G spot stimulated! It's a taboo for many guys to touch their asses, but totally worth it for those who are open-minded about it.

Yes, the place that makes me squirt like a fountain on multiple orgasms, over and over again, happen to have its equivalent in the male body: the prostate!!!

This week I had a guy who has never played with his prostate before. We talked, got relaxed and I sensually guided him to slowly find his sweet spot and enjoy the feeling.

He came so strong! And then again and again.

I swear I had tears in my eyes for the opportunity to experience something so important in someone's life. It was definitely AMAZING!

Thank you, B.

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xoxo Vivi