Gas Mask Fetish


Yes, I have a kinky about Gas Mask!  I don't know exactly what draws me to them, maybe it's the fact that you can't see who's using them or the inherent vibe of danger that Gas Masks have, or the difficult to breathe and the weird sounds of your voice through it... Anyway, I find it HOT and I happen to own quite a few Gas Masks at home.

Sometimes I use a Gas Mask by myself to make kinky photoshoots, sometimes I do videos, imagining I'm in some kind of post-apocalyptical world, too inhospitable to my lungs still sometimes good enough for me to show other body parts hehe

I've recently had some custom video orders to film with one of my Gas Mask. My favorite was one where I was a Pirate Queen who emprisoned a man and abused of his lungs by placing a Gas Mask on his face and blow cigarette smoke inside the mask through a hose. Made me feel so evil ;)

It's rare to receive requests to use one of my beloved Masks on cam shows despite them being always available.

Recently, I dropped my first pre-made video with a Gas Mask. It's about a Female Supremacy World where men with a small penis are evaluated by government agents wearing catsuits and gasmasks, implying that not-endowed dicks are a biohazard.

If you have an SPH fetish or just enjoy watching girls wearing Gas Maks, I urge you to check this video, I posted a few days ago and it's selling like crazy.
I have the feeling it will be one of my best-seller videos soon!

You can check the trailer and Full Video in the following sites:




Xoxo Vivi