Exposure Fetish, do you love being watched? A to Z Fetish Series!


There's a unique thrill of being watched doing something naughty and intimate. As an exhibitionist myself, one of the reasons I love doing cam sessions and filming porn is knowing I'm being watched, that other people are getting turned on by my body and lewd acts. It's endless feedback of lust: I get horny because I'm making people horny.

Not everyone wants or can make a living by being an exhibitionist 24/7 like me. Maybe you have a position in life that you can't risk being seen, or you have no patience to do all the admin work that comes with it (advertising, produce content every day, social media, write a blog like this, etc) or you just want to live that fantasy for a moment and then come back to your life.

You still can enjoy the Exposure Fetish in many ways! One of the ways I play with my clients is the following: with their consent, I take pictures and videos during our cam sessions and tweet them live for my thousands of followers.
Some want me to delete it right after, and I'm happy to oblige. Others enjoy the idea of having their image exposed forever.

A few years ago I met this wonderful guy, let's call him T for privacy reasons.T wanted to go beyond the classic exposure play of posting his picture online. He wanted to become part of my own erotic art. So he started to commission custom videos where I'd undress, tease and masturbate with a screen behind me showing a video of him masturbating too. These videos are a big hit every time I post, once we got over 100k views to a small 20 seconds segment of our little porn project together! It's a huge turn-on for him to know people are watching him while they watch me. 

Another way to incorporate Exposure Fetish is through a Dom/sub dynamic. Many a man enjoys humiliation fetish. Making them do silly and degrading stuff, take pictures,s and post them online adds to the game we play. I've posted guys wearing diapers. With plastic bags over their heads. With slurs writing across their bodies. The comments they receive pointing out how degrading these acts can be is a huge turn on.

On the other hand, the exposure of a secret can be empowering. People who like to wear panties or cross-dress, for example. To be seen using garments that society deemed inappropriate in a safe and respectful way can really change how you see yourself and deal with your sexuality.

More than once I've seen a client use the exposure fetish as a way to accept being transexual, it gave them the courage they needed to go ahead and transaction in their personal lives. The fact that we are exposing a secret can crossover with yet another fetish like blackmail fantasy. I want to make it clear that blackmail is a crime. And posting intimate pictures of other people without their consent is considered revenge porn, also a crime.

The thin line that separates a fun fetish from an unlawful act is consent. Every time I post someone's image is because I have been given full approval to do so. And the image is deleted at any given time when asked. In this case, a blackmail roleplay is just make-believe when the client asks me to threaten him to post his pictures online during a session.

Many times they are not even posted, and the pictures or videos are promptly deleted from my phone right after. Still, it's part of the exposure fetish to get off on the possibility of being exposed. With a very fun client of mine, I do exposure fetish without even taking pictures. He tells me his name, location and I expose his odd fetishes. He loves to watch me typing it, phrasing how much of a perverted he is and how everyone will know about it!

Even talking about being exposed is fun to most people. I remember the months I spent talking to this cute Norwegian guy about exposing his pictures. So many text sessions that we toyed back and forth with the idea of putting him on my Twitter. At some point, he felt ready and ordered a custom video with him in the background. It was one of the hottest videos I ever made, it was a jerk-off instruction type of video where I synched our masturbation acts until we came at the same time... I squirted all over the place while he was seen busting a big butt in the background.

It got a lot of traction on Twitter, thousands of people watched it and came together with us! Exposure Fetish is a very fertile ground and can be used in multiple ways.

As a person who's always in the spotlight, I really enjoy offering my clients the possibility of being seen and experience the butterflies in the stomach that every exhibitionist gets when they are in their most vulnerable and erotic state: exposed!

This was the E from the A to Z Fetishes series! Our next article will be about the famous Feet Fetish and all the science behind it!

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