Bisexual Encouragement - A to Z Fetish Series


Bisexual thoughts are hot and often roams the mind even of the most straight men! From the bicurious always looking to try something new, to guys looking to be forced to try cock for the first, there are many different ways to explore this side of your sexuality.

Bi encouragement means guys who are interested in taking cock but don't wanna do it on their own, they just need a bit of cheering, because they like to please their partner and she's turned on by watching two guys fucking and sucking each other, or are unsure how to do it.

Some guys feel restrained on their heterosexuality, the society standards sometimes tend to try to keep a person's choices or behavior inside boxes, as to say that it wouldn't be acceptable for a straight man to engage in sex with another man without losing the status of their heterosexuality. But what happens is that sometimes men are interested only in the cock, and not to the man attached to it. That sometimes happens even as a mirroring of himself.

So, usually, this fetish is something to please or his partner, or himself, but what is certain is that someone would be trying to convince him about going forward and take part in sexual activity with another man. The woman usually is curious and aroused by seeing other men together because the focus is on the man, not on the woman as it usually happens, so it is a turn on for them.

I love to help guys making profiles on gay dating sites such as Grindr. More than once I've done cam sessions while I watched and encouraged two guys to kiss and touch each other for me.

What might happen is that some men feel insecure about what to do to please other men or even their selves while with a partner of the same sex, so, if you are alone, I can teach you how to give blowjobs to dildos and how to take it up to your ass as we roleplay it's your new male date.

On the other hand, usually done in a Femdom scenario, there is the forced version of this fetish, the taboo of same-sex intercourse can be shamed and forced upon a submissive. It could be done as a punishment, as a part of humiliation fetish, in a sissy training dynamic. The partner who forces feels pleasure to be dominant, to command, and to see the action in itself.

Although everything is always done with prior consent and a discussion about expectations and limits is a must, that happens before the session, so one must respect the other under the agreements they make.

You may perceive that many sites don't allow the use of the word "forced". You'll find similar words like "coerced" to describe the same action. So if you want to try this you should contact me and I can help a lot and I would feel a lot of pleasure in doing so.

This is the second post of my weekly series of posts about fetishes from A to Z, including mostly ones that I personally enjoy. Don't miss next week's article about CEI or Cum Eating Instruction. Stay tuned!

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