Best Show of the Week: The Fountain


Happy New Year everyone!

I was offline for the last 6 days because of the holidays, I only stayed active on my Snapchat. Spent some time by the beach and my tan is super strong now :)

I just came back today and am remembering my favorite show from the last week of 2018!

I was playing on Discord with a very cute guy for one hour, and he was able to witness what I call "The Fountain". Only a few lucky - and skillful - men were ever able to see that!

We played with ice, with dildos, vibrators e butt plugs. To the point where I had multiples orgasms and started to squirt many times in a row, spilling juices like a fountain!

One of the toys he was using was my lush vibrator, that one you can control through the internet. I have a theory that guys who play a lot of video games are the best ones to control this kind of toy. They send me to the next level and make my pussy become a Fountain!

Happy Holidays and that 2019 brings you a lot of happiness and love!

xoxo Vivi