Best Show of the Week: The Anal Queen Experience


It's no secret that I LOVE anal!

And having an anal show with someone that loves it as much as I do is always so special because I can really feel we are connected on this crazy feeling. My pussy gets soaked wet even without touching it!

So last week I was really happy to spend an amazing time with S. He loves my ass as much as my ass loves playing with him, and he wanted to see it in hardcore action.

That's how we did The Anal Queen Experience show. OMG I have to confess my knees get weak everytime I do this because it's really hard and rough and awesome! And with an amazing company like him, it's just perfect.

We started with fingers, many fingers ;) Then I got the speculum. This is a medical device that is made to open holes. It makes my asshole gape and stay open, as the handles force the ass walls to spread. You can actually inspect all my insides with it!!!
Then we went for the Thor's Hammer. It's a big and thick toy shaped like a hammer. I took it all the way, then I sat on it and bounced up and down.

To finish, my favorite: anal fisting! :-O

Those are things I don't do daily, only on special occasions and with special people.

Thank you so much S. for the amazing experience! You know how to treat an Anal Queen like me ❤

I tell you, I was walking funny the next day haha

xoxo Vivi