Josh in Chastity

Chastity Journey

This is the start of our chastity journey and I'm very excited for what we have in front of us! 

7 days of lust and tease for your tiny dick hehe

To start, I took really good care of your padlock. It's filled with my pussy juices so your microscopic penis will be forever teased by my horny pheromones.

Poor thing will be caged while always alert and hard!

Click here for the video with the instructions of what to do with your padlock and chastity cage.

Now that you know what to do, we can go for your daily tasks.

Beware, you will be teased, used, abused and tortured until your little penis can't take anymore.

Day 1 - How badly do you need pussy?

I know you are a horny boy. So horny, so perverted, that you MUST be locked up 24/7!

Your dick is so small but still, it can control your mind every day. You only think about one thing: how to get out and rub that little thing. You want to beat that meat so hard, you just need it!

I want you to show me how much do you want to fuck something. Anything. You just need to put that tiny little dick inside, don't you?

Your first task is to hump on everything you can find. Like a horny little bitch. go to the furniture and rub yourself over it. You want to feel it, you want to stimulate your cute little penis, but somehow you can't haha

Send me snaps of you doing it. Embarrassing yourself as you show me your desire to fuck - and to know that the only things that will ever accept you are dead objects while you are still locked.

So funny and pathetic.

Be a good boy for a HOT reward or you will get punished, naughty boy.

Day 2 - Wet Dreams

One of the collateral symptoms of forced celibacy is the presence of wet dreams.

Even if during the day you can control yourself to not touch your pathetic little dick, during the night your subconscious takes over and start making you jerkoff.

That's a perverted dicklet like yours must be caged, so you don't fall for temptations, be it awake or asleep.

But hey, I'm mean and I like to torture you. I'm here to make sure that disappointment in flesh called your penis will suffer.

Tonight, before bed, you have a task to complete. 

You will read an erotic story. You pick the theme. If you don't know where to search, I suggest Literotica

When you start, I want you to depict the story. I want you to live the experience as if it was your own.

The character is bending over getting spanked? Then you bend over the furniture and spank your ass.
The character received a kiss on the neck? Lick the tip of your fingers and then run the wet fingertips on your neck in a gentle manner like a tongue.
The character is jerking off? Do the most grotesque jerkoff wannabe movement over your cage.

Become the character until the end, knowing that everyone is supposed to reach the climax but not you! You will be teased and used and then go sleep, with a hardon between your legs and all those naughty thoughts floating your mind.

I want you to have the naughtiest dreams you ever had. Kiss the pillow if you need, squeeze the blankets, touch yourself everywhere as you try to sleep with that story in mind. But sleep... maybe you won't be caged in your dream and you end up fooling yourself and cumming, like a dirty cumslut!

You'll report to me with the story you read and also telling if how was your dreams.

Day 3 - Shrinking

You have a small penis. That's something we all know and I can't get enough of reminding you of this!

In fact, I don't think you have the complete notion of how tiny you are and how embarrassing it is for you!

I want you to feel how micro your dick is in its full extent (or lack of it lol). So we are going to take a step further today... and make it shrink!

You will get ice. It can be ice cubes inside a towel (don't put the ice directly to your skin because it can burn you), or one of those cold/heat pack.

Apply it over your cage and feel the tingling sensation takes over your little cock. It's going to shrink, not only your dick but also your balls haha

While you do it, you will watch your reward from Day 1. Click here to watch it.
I have the feeling you bought a steel cage just so we can make it even smaller, the tiny penis suits you just fine!

Today's assignment includes you sending me pics of your even smaller dick. Let's see how small you can get, maybe we can make it disappear haha

Day 4 - Balls

Your tiny little dick is mine! And you know that while you are locked, there's nothing you can do except getting teased, more and more every day, dying to touch it, craving to feel it, but yet... you can't!

But I give you that, you had the balls to lock that thing and spare the world from having to deal with your tiny little dick.

But it means we still have to look at your balls! They are bigger than your dick, which is funny, and they are not going unscathed this time.

Put on some hot porn that you like. Grab your balls on your hands and stroke it like if you were doing it to your dick.
Touch it, tease it, stroke it, massage it... I know you can feel your little penis throbbing inside the cage. You just want to masturbate soooo bad!
But all you get today are your nut sacks... and no nut! ;)

Send me pics and videos of you playing with your testicles!

Day 5 - Lock up! 

Seeing you yesterday was very entertaining. Your little dick looks so tiny, each day a little more (or less lol).
Our training is working and you are heading towards making your cock completely useless.
For that, we needed to cage it. But today I think that's not enough, I want you to lock it up
I want you to grab a shoelace and tie it around your penis. If you have a hair drip, put it around it too. Get duct tape and place it on the cage.
And then a sock on it, as it was a condom.

You will sleep like this, spending your night totally locked, you are only allowed to pee when you wake up, so you better go to the bathroom before our little play. This is to show you that your pathetic penis is only good enough to pee so it doesn't even need to be looked at, it can be hidden forever.
Send me pics of your new cage. 

Day 6: Tease and Denial


You love a big round ass, don't you? Shaking in front of your face, knowing you are not worth it, but still... it's so sexy! You just can't help it!!!

Click here to watch me do just that... while I tell you to touch yourself and jerk off to me!


You know very well you are sooo not worth it! Your tiny dick can't even make my ass tickle haha

It's so small, so worthless, so insignificant. That you are going to watch me telling you to masturbate to me and yet... you are not going to! Because I only talk to big dicks, not dicklets losers like you haha

You will watch it and repeat to yourself "I have a worthless little dick" over and over, like a mantra, as you see the ass you need in your life... the kind of ass you will never be able to satisfy!

And you will not cum. Remain caged like a good little boy, leave your little penis where it belongs: inside its tiny cage.

Day 7: The D-Day

So here we are on our final day of this journey and you think you will be off the hook!
However, I'm not sure if I should let you go so easily. It's been so much fun playing with you, torturing you, watching you squirm in pain and pleasure, craving for a release that never CUM!

Whether or not you will be released today, I'll leave it to destiny. Maybe the small penis Goddess is smiling at you today and you finally get an orgasm. Maybe she finds your tiny little dick completely worthless and decides for more caged time.

I'll send you instructions through snapchat with live snaps so we can find out your fate.

Good luck!