What if I, as a Sex Worker, do not like a client?

I was doing a session the other day that I call "The Fountain": I can squirt multiple times making my pussy look like a fountain if you give me enough time and turn me on a lot. When we finished, I was a mess covered in pussy juices from head to toe, and the client asked me: I understand you can cum that many times because we get along really well and you like my body. What happens when you cam with a guy who's ugly, old or you just don't like him at all? How will you do The Fountain if they request it?

This is a common misconception so I wanted to address this question in public. First, I don't think old age is a problem. If we don't die young, we all become old. And we are still the same people, a few more wrinkles and a lot more experience.

Old guys turn me on a lot and some of my favorites clients are over 50's. I cam with a guy who's so old that he can't even get his dick up anymore. And you know what? We have the most amazing sessions ever because the way he plays with my mind is out of this world. He says he cums with his brain and I believe it because he makes both my pussy and brain cum at the same time. 

Bring me more grandpas, please!

Second, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What is ugly for you can be beautiful for me. Nobody is 100% ugly. If you look closely with an open heart, there's always something nice about people. One might have bad teeth yet a beautiful genuine smile, and so on. I rather focus on the good parts and I always find something beautiful about my clients.

There's this guy who always pointed his camera to his dick. I'm ok with that, I like dicks :) But one day he told me why: he said he was ugly and was afraid I'd be turned off. I told him that if he ever felt comfortable, I'd love to be able o see his face too. He opened the camera and... Where's the ugliness? Nowhere to be found. He is very nice and we had an amazing time together, even better than before. Now he takes turns between his cock and his face and I can't be happier. Btw, it was when I finally saw his face that we did The Fountain for the first time ;)

We often are our worst critics.

Finally, what do I do if I don't like someone? It's not something that happens often, but if for any reason we don't hit it off, I will deny the session. Ignore, block, refund, farewell. Life is too short to spend time with people you don't like. It's both a favor for myself and the (almost) client as he has the opportunity to find another model that he will get along with.

A session with good chemistry is a lot better than something mechanical. I'm here to have fun and spend a great time together with you, and I reserve my right, as an entertainer, to prioritize enjoyment over money. And this was my client's last question: but what about the money? Doesn't it tempt me to accept just about anyone? 

I'm well aware that in the end, this is a job and my livelihood. However, I'm privileged enough that I don't live paycheck to paycheck. Refusing a session is not what will separate me from eating or paying bills. The mental toll of doing sessions that I don't like would make me dread going online every day and end up losing more money in the long run. 

All in all, nobody will dry The Fountain!