Sex Fetishes, from A to Z. A for Anal sex what does it stand for.


This week I am beginning a series of weekly posts about fetishes from A to Z. The idea is to give inspiration and elucidate keys aspects of some of the most popular kinks out there. I am fond of many of those, but if you want to discover which, you will have to get in touch with me ;).

Let's first explain, fetishes are a sexual arousing by an object, activities, or body parts other than the genitals, those may go as far as your imagination can. The word Fetish is derived from the French word Fétiche, which comes from the Portuguese Feitiço (Spell), I put a spell on you hã? The Portuguese word turns out to come from the Latin Facticius (artificial) and facere(to make). By this, we can understand that fetish is the art of making things sexual out of non-sexual contexts.

Starting from the first letter of the Alphabet, today's fetish word starts with an A. Can you guess it? I will give you a hint, it is very tight! Yes, now it is easy to guess, it is A for Anal Sex Fetish, it can range from penetrating a finger, butt plugs, dildos, other objects, or the penis in the ass hole. Also, oral sex can be practiced, licking and kissing the anus.

Some people are afraid of engaging in anal sex because they are afraid of feeling pain, but that's just a myth because the anal muscles can stretch, it is just a matter of beginning with smaller proportions until you feel comfortable and can control the butt hole stretching. Some sex positions can help while trying it, sideways can be a great one to start with, doggy style is the traditional go-to. Many times the pain associated with anal sex is due to psychological reasons, so it is important to relax and let your self enjoy the practice. Some sex positions can help while

Anal sex practice can be much pleasurable for the reason of the sensory nerves existing in the area of the anus, orgasm can be achieved throughout the activity, both in male and females, in men exists the prostate, a very sensitive glandule which it is part of the men reproductive system and its directly stimulated in anal sex, also in women the g-spot and the clitoris can have an indirect stimulus, or you can use creativity and directly touch those areas while engaging in anal sex using sex toys or your hand.

There some tricks before making Anal sex, the thing is, the anal cavity has no lubrification as the vagina, so someone must use lubricants, also the area you susceptible to bacteria, for that it anus should be taken care and prepared, which means to do a hygiene process there before engaging in anal sex, and it is mostly recommended to use condoms and do not engage insert the penis in the vagina for example after making anal sex because of possible infections.

Culturally this fetish is controversial due to religious limitations and the reproductive purpose of sex for it, it might be a taboo, but sometimes prohibited things sounds even sexier, and breaking some rules can be exciting. A curious fact is that many people sometimes choose Anal sex as a means to avoid pregnancy, during fertile periods, but be careful, the semen can still flow down to the vagina. The most important is to remember having fun and pleasure, also the consent of all partners, it can't be something pushy.

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