Domination Fetish: Do you like to be in charge or to be dominated? A to Z Fetish Series


When it comes to human sexual pleasure, no matter if you are hardcore or vanilla, you experimented with Domination Fetish at some level. The pilar of Domination comes from the 3 S: Safe, Sane, and conSensual. Mutual respect, a safe word, and at least two consenting adults are the key to enjoy it to the fullest.

There are established roles for partners: a submissive and a dominant, or also called top and bottom. Some people, like me, are switches and change the roles accordingly to the partner and the moment. Everything must be discussed prior to the scene: who's going to take each role, kinks that are going to be performed, and limits that must be respected.

It's very common for inexperienced submissives to come to me saying they want a "no limits domination session". There's no such a thing as a "no limit submissive", this is a lack of reflection on your own desires and all the possibilities available. For example, I used to do sessions with a guy who loved CBT (cock and ball torture), verbal humiliation, and extreme anal stretching. He was so hardcore that he thought he had no limits. Until the day I told him to smoke a cigarette and he found his limit.

Like it or not, there will always be that one thing you don't want or can't do.
The most common limits usually are bodily fluids (scat, pee, blood), extreme pain, and anal. Now hear me out: that's ok to have limits and communication is the key to any successful relationship. Never let someone pressure you into doing something that you already stated as a hard limit. It's also ok to try something you thought you liked and realize you don't want it anymore, that's why we have safe words.

Immediately leave a session or a relationship when your safe word is not respected, this is no longer domination, this is abuse. Domination presupposes the existence of a person's submission to another, either in an erotic or lifestyle set. This is expressed by a range of behaviors or rituals performed to please each other throughout the roles of power in the relationship.

We can do that in as many ways as you can imagine, such as video calls, sexting sessions, phone or even you receiving tasks to complete. The roles of Dominance and submission, resemble the society lifestyle in terms of culture in relationships of power. But in this case, it's way broader when it comes to a variety of emotions, role choosing, and other activities. The Domme being the top dictates the rules for the Sub on how they should behave or do. The Subs' role is to obey and do as they are told.

Creativity here is the key to explore a wild range of scenarios and possibilities. In my sessions, I like to incorporate all kinds of kinks in a domination setting. Roleplays are amazing to perform a domination fantasy. As I've worked as a secretary for many years, the boss/secretary RP is one of my favorites as it's so close to home.

Another very popular in Domination Fetish is the role of the Mommy Domme. The father of psychology, Freud, explains that every little boy's first love is his own mother. "The Oedipus Complex" makes the dominant Mommy become a sexy taboo that many men enjoy in secret. On the other hand, Daddy Dom Little Girl - DDLG - is another dynamic that is very popular with its own terms and sub culture.

My style as a Domme is very sensual. I Love to tease you with my body, watch you lose control, force you to make me cum as you perform acts that turns me on. Even a simple JOI (Jerk Off Instruction) can have a dominant aspect. A strict Domme telling you exactly what to do with your cock can be extremely erotic!

As a very feminine person and a lot into sex, I tend to attract slutty sissies that want to be trained to be little sex machines. Training a sissy how to dress like a sexy girl, showing them why I'm called The Anal Queen with intense anal training and teaching them how to suck cock, are very pleasant experiences for both of us. One of my most loyal sissies, Princess Rajendra, have been trained by me for many years. We have a very affectionate relationship and many of our sessions extended for more than 5 hours in a row. Our record was 12 hours on a lovely Saturday.

The bond created in a Sub/Dom relationship is amazing, it's so deep it's hard to explain without experience it. Your submission is a gift I'm honored to receive and cherish. As noted before, I believe we should not limit ourselves sexuality, so consider myself as a switch. More often than not, I'm naturally in a position of Dominance in my relationships so the Domme role comes a lot more natural to me.

I may switch for the right guy tho ;) - Domination Fetish can involve a plethora of kinks but the most important is the psychological aspect, the power exchange between the parties. What's your favorite role: Sub or Dom?

In our A to Z Fetish series, the next article will be about Exposure Fetish!

Another one that can be easily incorporated into a Domination session.
Curious? Stay Tuned!

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