C is for CEI or Cum Eating Instructions and what does it mean.

Something so taboo is tasting your own juices! I Love to give Cum Eating Instructions, What's up with being made to taste your own cum? There are many reasons one wants to be a cum eater for me. 

To get things clear, CEI stands for Cum Eating Instructions, when your partner or an outsider gives you instructions to eat your own cum or someone else's. It can occur in many different scenarios and possibilities and in this article let's explore some of the reasons behind this fun fetish!

So, Why do people eat their own cum? I have witnessed many reasons like:


You love to have your cock sucked dry and always wondered how your cum tastes.


You always wanted to suck a dick and drink jizz. We can roleplay this as you eat it all!


Submissive men just love to be made to do things they find gross! Cum eater sluts are one of my favorite types of subs and I have done quite a few videos on this subject, just look my video library on https://viviandash.manyvids.com


Watching your wife giving oral to another man and then tasting his semen in her pussy.


Swapping cum in a kiss with your partner after they suck you off. Amazing roleplay material.


Doesn't need an explanation, you just like to eat cum!

As you can see, CEI can be done in a very sensual way, such as cum swapping with kisses, cumming, and licking your partner's body after you had come all over. Eating your girlfriend's pussy with your semen in it. Sucking on her breasts with your jizz smeared on. Mixing this on a Jerk Off Instruction (JOI) session is amazing.

It happened for example, that this cute boy whom I know from Norway always had a curiosity about how it tastes but never had the courage to try until he found out it turned me on. He did it for me and it was pretty hot! 

Also, there was this other boy that I know, from Germany, who eats his cum in many different ways. Freezing them on ice cubes and putting in his drinks, one time he froze over 20 loads for me and ate them all on cam. So good! 

You should try that, Or even cum in a cup and then take a shot, maybe using a big straw to go direct from your penis to mouth. Eating with a spoon, cuming over food and eating it, or on a sauce pot and dipping his food in it. It is so creative, there are so many possibilities!

Beyond that, we can incorporate cum eating instruction in a cuckolding scenario, where you eat another man's cum from your wife's pussy! There's too CEI on humiliation fetish, one of my favorite kinks in Femdom. Sissy training makes you used to eat your own jizz to become the perfect cum-drinker sissy girl.

Some people have a hard time actually doing this deed, they love fantasizing about the idea but when it's time and they have already cum, the appealing runs off. I have my own special technique to encourage first-timers to not chicken out on their Cum Eating Journey ;)

My favorites are definitely facials. I learned this method from a cute guy from the UK. He puts his legs up right before he cums and aims his face, covering himself in jizz for me! Damn, witnessing that makes me wet for the whole night.

I love to get creative too! Like, get on all fours and lick it from a plate, like a hungry pussy cat. I remember once I made a custom video for this Florida man where the challenge was to propose 8 different scenarios of cum eating instruction. My favorite? Cum inside a balloon, open your mouth, and pop it!

The biggest fun of CEI is not only watching a guy eating his own cum for me but the part where I instruct him how to do it. As you can see you can practice this in a lot of different circumstances, but I am curious, Have you ever eat your own cum? What's your favorite method? Leave a comment below. And keep following up, next week fetish is one of the most popular ones, D for Domination!